Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Three years

Corporal Sara... I must say, time and hard work has turned you into a responsible Marine.  The change is evident.  The pride I feel is greater.

It is hard to imagine it has already been three years since you literally marched out of our lives.  In some ways, it has been a long three years.  In others, time has seemed to pass quickly.  For example, three years ago, your younger brother was just finishing the 9th grade.  While you and your fellow NCO's kept vigil at the embassy half way around the world, we saw him proudly graduate last evening.  You know he, like you and his other sisters, was a real stand out.  He was selected by audition to perform for the graduation.  How fitting it is that he sang a song of home, and the love and affection that we find in being a family.  During our last time together, surely you sensed the deep deep love and commitment we have for you and for each other.  It goes without saying that you have that same commitment to each of the family.

So, in your absence, it is only fitting that this song of "Home" be dedicated to you and to your faithful Marine family, both in your part of the world and across the globe.

You are missed, loved, and prayed over daily.  Enjoy the video.

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