Wednesday, August 28, 2013

300 CFT... again!

When calls come in like one just did from the other side of the planet, it just makes your day.

Sara is learning all the in's and outs of the new Post One and feeling good.  I would think so.

Her arrival went like this... pull a 24 the day before travel wrapping things up and good-byes.  Three international airports and 18 hours later, her flight arrived on time at 3am from Istanbul.  Then off to report in and straight to the range.  After spending time on the range in Baghdad weekly, speed and accuracy netted her a perfect score... or "all money" in her words.  Good introduction to her new detachment and Commander since they did not do as well.  (big smile).

Then, word comes today that during an inspection by the Regional Officer out of Frankfurt, Sara expressed interest in the MECEP.  He mentioned that he had not had a MECEP in a while and could be interested in helping.

What ensued onsite there at her new post was very fun for her.  The guy spoke to her Det Commander and had her and another "dude" run a CFT (Combat Fitness Test).  For those that may understand the value, she did her best times... the obstacle course in 2:06 and the movement to contact (880 Meters) in 2:35 and 60 ammo can lifts in under 1:30.  (she wished she had done 90 to score a 300 on the male CFT)  With that she scored a perfect 300 CFT for the third time running (or an equivalent 279 on the male scale).

I would think she made a good impression.

She just finished her college algebra course with a final grade of better than 93%.

Now she will focus on meeting requirements for the next meritorious board and if she meets the requirements in time, she may have a shot at adding a stripe... three stripes in just over 3 years... and then the potential for the MECEP.

"One of the most common programs Enlisted Marines use to transition from enlisted to officer is the Marine Corps Enlisted Commissioning Education Program (MECEP). MECEP offers qualified Marines the chance to go to a four-year college full-time, while maintaining active duty status and pay.  Selection is based on an individual's potential for commissioned service as demonstrated by their service record, previous academic record, and evidence of career and academic self-improvement.

MECEP is for exceptional Marines who have not yet completed their bachelor's degree. Selected marines will attend a 10-week Officer Candidates School (OCS) course and upon completing will attend a university or college offering an NROTC program.  Upon completion of their degree, they will be commissioned as second lieutenants."

She says she loves her job.  Sounds like it.

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