Friday, January 18, 2013

Toe Rates MedEvac Ride

Thanks love for the gruesome pics and the call from the surgery across town!  You must have done yourself real proud.  "Slash Alpha" won that round, right?  We are glad you are doing well and recovering.

What is it with you and your feet? Ha!

The story.  Marines grapple.  It's a fact of life.  Getting thrown over a shoulder and landing on a hard tile floor definitely tested the great toe's ability to stay attached to the foot.  But you damaged company property.  Not good!  Fortunately for you both there was no EtOH abuse or misuse.  Did you forget what your mom used to say?  (Repeat in high pitch voice) "That's enough of that!  It's all fun until someone gets their eye poked out!"... or in your case, gets their toe almost pulled off.

So now it is as repaired and back together as possible and sports a nice pin to keep things immobile for these 9 to 12 weeks.

We are thankful that you were able to somehow stay on post and that your immediate command spoke well and wrote creatively enough to manage that.  You will heal quickly in your big boot.  You have earned your new handle... "footloose."

Be strong, try to let it heal, and don't overdo it!  (wasting my words, I know).

It's looking SO much better!!!  Just showing the side damage here with the cute pin. Swelling is looking much better too.  Glad you had a Camp Sather close by and that they could put you back together.

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