Sunday, November 17, 2013

Developments - MSAU vs Mustang

Now that the blog is no longer public and can be read by members only, I am happy to be able to share news in a different way.

Today, Sunday, we were surprised with a phone call from Sara.  It is always such a treat when she is able to get through to us and we get to hear her voice.

Sara introduced me to a new development for MSG's.  I did some reading and this is what I found.

After we chatted, I found in the Marine Times that this past June, 1000 additional Marine Security Guards were authorized boosting the MSG force to 2200 worldwide.  Probably as many as 50 new diplomatic sites over the next three years will receive a MSG detachment.  This will impact Sara directly as she will be receiving 2 additional MSG's to her detachment in January.  The standard detachment size has been increased from 5 to 7 and many will be increased to full squad size of 13.

Next, and of particular interest, is the newly formed MSAU (em-saw) or Marine Security Augmentation Unit which will be made up of 120 MSG's composing 9 or 10 squad sized units.   This is a new elite group within the MSG program.  Initially, it was to be open only to MSG's with combat operational specialties.  Since many MSG's do not come from infantry MOS's and service for at least a year in the MSG program is a prerequisite, others, including females are open for consideration.

After picking up Sergeant, Sara received word from her command at the "schoolhouse" in Quantico that there was interest in nominating her for one of the 120 slots.

This in and of itself is a testament to the confidence her command has in Sara, and quite frankly, Sara's confidence in herself and her work ethic.

The purpose of the MSAU will be to provide immediate crisis response embassy security reinforcement.  Should this materialize for Sara, she will be based out of Quantico, VA, possibly for the final year of her enlistment.  MSAU participants participate in additional training in communications, weapons, advanced room entry procedures and how to escape from a collapsed building.

The purpose of developing this new asset, according to my research, is to provide an overlap of existing resources available to the Ambassador beyond the FAST teams and MEU's that may be in the area in the event security needs to be beefed up.  It also provides a standing team that understands the Embassy mission and is more of an extension of what they are doing already.

Sara says she has 3 options in her mind at this time:  One would be to finish her five year active duty enlistment and not "re-up" (this is not under consideration as Sara loves what she is doing); a second option would be to pursue another period of time as active duty enlisted; and the third, as mentioned in a previous post, is to pursue the MECEP, finish a college degree and be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant making a career as an officer (with a desire to fly).

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