Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy 238th Birthday and Happy Veterans Day.

Thank you for your commitment, your honor, and your courage.  Mostly, I would thank you for your hard work.

It has been 1,267 days since we walked out of MEPS and left you waving in your DEP Poolee shirt. It amazes me to consider that you have gone from Yellow Footprints to E-5 in 1257 of those days... particularly for a 2nd Airwing Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron Cryogenics Equipment specialist. (that's a mouthful) where rank advancement is contingent on attrition.  Yes, as you have stated, MSG work has been good to you ... but then, your achievements and potential has been recognized and your abilities refined.

The only downside?  Your last Marine Ball in Baghdad, you were a Lance Corporal (and the youngest Marine in the detachment) so you never got to wear your Corporal stripes to a Ball!... Oh well.

Not that I would prognosticate, but it makes one wonder how long it will be before you are wearing the "Gold Bar" collar device.  If you made it your goal for a career choice, I would say... umm ... within the next 36 months, considering college and all.  It could happen!  But that is a decision that will require another signature sometime in March or April 2014 I would guess as you wind down your fourth year.  That is surely something to think about.  I won't say it can't be done, because I know you too well.

As always, we pray for you and your choices and will always support whatever you feel led to be and do.

So .. you are missed!  Imagine that!  :)

Happy Veterans Day and Happy Birthday Marine.

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